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Abrar Hasnine Rifat

Abrar Hasnine Rifat

LLB (Hons) (Stamford University, Bangladesh)
LLM (Southeast University, Bangladesh)

M: +8801916381857
E: [email protected]


Abrar Hasnine is an accomplished Senior Associate at The Legal Circle, having joined the firm in 2014. He completed his LL.B degree from Stamford University of Bangladesh in 2014 and went on to earn his LL.M from Southeast University Bangladesh in 2016. Enrolled as an advocate in Dhaka Bar, Mr. Hasnine specializes in corporate, commercial, and property law.

His expertise extends to various aspects of law, including company law, employment law, land law, banking law, and corporate transactions.


Mr. Hasnine has honed his skills in providing invaluable litigation support and research assistance to the firm’s senior partners. He has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies and maintains regular communication with state regulators and government departments, ensuring the firm remains abreast of practical and procedural developments in law and regulations.


Corporate Law: Mr. Hasnine excels in advising and facilitating the formation of foreign, joint venture, and local businesses, as well as liaison offices. He oversees processes at the Registrar of Joint Stock (RJSC) and Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

Employment Law: Offering guidance to both employers and employees, Mr. Hasnine specializes in wrongful termination claims and disciplinary matters.

Litigation Support: Mr. Hasnine is actively involved in providing advice and attending litigation hearings at the Judges court of Dhaka. His expertise extends to criminal and civil litigations, and he is well-versed in offering legal services at various judges’ courts across Bangladesh.


Business Incorporation/Registration
Advised and facilitated the formation of foreign, joint venture, and local businesses at RJSC and BIDA.
Provided guidance on post-registration steps, including share issuance, share transfer, and compliance in accordance with the Companies Act.
Advised and managed the winding-up processes of companies.
Provided counsel to both employers and employees in wrongful termination claims and disciplinary matters.


  • Attended litigation hearings at the Judges court of Dhaka.
  • Offered advice on criminal and civil litigations.
  • Processed various legal services at different judges’ courts in Bangladesh.


Mr. Hasnine plays a vital role in drafting and vetting legal documents, offering legal opinions, maintaining client relations, formulating policy matters, and contributing to risk management initiatives within the firm.