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Legal reform as a catalyst for social enterprise: an international social enterprise law & policy report

“Achieving rapid, large-scale improvements in social, environmental, and economic outcomes for people and business in all countries around the world is an imperative that requires an “all hands-on deck” approach. It is not enough to leave it to governmental and non-governmental organizations to do the hard work of addressing climate change, environmental degradation, and inequalities in health outcomes, education, and social welfare. On the other hand, while many businesses have also taken steps to address these problems, we cannot rely on the goodwill of business interests at large to reform economic systems to promote sustainable growth.”

This report is prepared by Morrison & Foerster LLP with support from Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation.

Contributors from The Legal Circle to this Report: Anita Ghazi Rahman.  Sameera Mahmud, Nauriin Ahmed, Nafiul Alam Shupto,

To read the full report, click here.