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Rehearsing the Witness: The Bhawal Court Case [Testimony and Evidence]

The Bhawal court case was a pre-Independence case that revolved around the identity of a sannyasi(or Hindu religious ascetic), rumored to be the heir of one of thelast great zamindari estates in Dhaka (now modern Bangladesh). The Bhawal estate was the fifth largest estate in the district of Dhaka, and more crucially, one of the few properties still outside the domain of the British rule at the time. Click here to read more.

Credits: Direction and Dramaturgy: Zuleikha Chaudhari. Additional texts in the script: Heiner Muller and Prayas Abhinav. Petition: Nauriin Ahmed and Umer Aiman Khan. Commissioned and produced by the Samdani Art Foundation. Additional support from the Alkazi Foundation of Photography and Brown University. Photographs courtesy: The Alkazi Collection of Photography, New Delhi.

Publisher: The University of Chicago Press Journal